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NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice




These qualifications are designed for health and safety professionals. Level 4 is intended for people experienced in dealing with significant hazards and complex risks.  Programme The new National Occupational Standards for Health and Safety came into force on the 1st January 2008 and are designed to support the development of good practice and awareness in the work place. They have been reviewed in consultation with employers, sector specialists and stakeholders, professional bodies, regulators and awarding bodies. After initial interview to determine suitability for the programme, candidates will be allocated a fully qualified assessor with long term experience in the Health and Safety sector. Your assessor will arrange one to one meetings with you to observe and assess the evidence you have produced toward your qualification. You will produce a set of portfolios containing this evidence along with supporting statements whilst full and continuous guidance will be given every step of the way.


Unit covered in the qualification are:


Unit 611 -  Promoting a positive Health and Safety culture

Unit 612 -  Develop and implement the Health and Safety policy

Unit 613 -  Develop and implement effective communication systems for Health and Safety information

Unit 614 -  Develop and maintain individual and organisational competence in Health and Safety matters

Unit 615 -  Identify, assess and control Health and Safety risks

Unit 616 -  Develop and implement pro-active monitoring systems for Health and Safety

Unit 617 -  Develop and implement re-active monitoring systems for Health and Safety

Unit 618 -  Develop and implement Health and Safety emergency response systems and procedures

Unit 619 -  Develop and implement Health and Safety review systems

Unit 620 -  Influence and keep pace improvements in Health and Safety Practice




Delegates who are successful in completing the full programme will be awarded a certificate in Occupational Health & Safety Practice at level 4. If you wish you can obtain a certificate for unit accreditation to cover any units you do complete which do not make up the full programme.


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