Employment Law

Here at ABC we are able to prepare a Company Handbook that is Legally Compliant and understandable by all staff.


Continually update your Policies and Procedures to ensure Legal Compliance.

Prepare Robust H/R Policies and Procedures for all areas of your Business to alleviate claims and the associated costs with Tribunal actions.


Policy and Procedure Awareness Training for Managers and Supervisors. Prepare Employment Contracts.

Prepare and complete awareness training on appropriate appraisal systems. Audit your present Policies and Procedures and complete a Gap Analysis. Advise on Redundancy Legislation, Prepare a Policy and a Scoring Matrix, Prepare letters and attend meetings if required.

Complete employee inductions to ensure legal compliance.


We believe in the importance of that everything in place so that not only you are legally compliant, but your staff are happy, supported and well informed.

ABC Consultancy Services Ltd Employment law awareness and consulting on specific laws in the workplace.